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Jacob (Jake) John Berschauer II Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the Jake Berschauer Memorial Scholarship is to carry on the ideals and values demonstrated by one of Tumwater High School’s greatest fans.

Jake first became involved with the school while his sons participated in sports at Tumwater High School.  His favorite sports were football and basketball but he held no limitation in his support of all school activities.  He led cheers for his beloved T-Birds for over 35 years in both winning and losing campaigns.

Jake’s support was done with spirit and enthusiasm.  No matter the outcome of the event he always had a smile for everyone.  His actions were the very definition of good sportsmanship.  When Jake started his cheering role it was met with mixed emotions, but it wasn’t long before everyone looked to him for leadership.  His was a leadership that lasted for generations of Tumwater families.

Jacob was born on a farm in Kansas where he learned the value of a day’s work.  He never finished school.  He served his country during World War II.  He was a beloved husband and father, respected businessman and icon of the Tumwater community. This scholarship is directed at the most dedicated senior at Tumwater High School – someone who most clearly defines the personality, values, charity and civic responsibility demonstrated by the example of Jake Berschauer.


  • Applicant must be a graduating senior from Tumwater High School.
  • Applicant must display strong teamwork values.
  • Applicant must display leadership skills and strong work ethics.
  • Applicant must demonstrate non-discriminate character.
  • Applicant must have a positive attitude in all school functions.
  • Applicant must have a strong sense of citizenship.
  • Applicant must value the happiness of others.
  • Athletic participation and/or high academic standing are not necessary.


  1. Complete a Tumwater Education Foundation Scholarship Application, along with the additional information below.
  2. In 250 words or less, describe how you have demonstrated
    • strong teamwork values
    • good leadership skills
    • strong work ethics
    • demonstrated strong teamwork values
    • what you have done to promote the happiness of others
    • a positive attitude at various school functions