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Classroom Grants

Classroom Enrichment Program:

Supporting the Classroom Learning Environment


The Classroom Enrichment Program (CEP) was established in 1999, recognizing opportunities to further enhance student learning environment within the Tumwater School District. The Tumwater Education Foundation serves as the umbrella to raise, manage, and allocate funds that support teacher’s goals of enhancing student education.

The Program helps support educational needs and opportunities that fall outside the District budget. District teachers are eligible to apply through a grant process to obtain financial resources for educational enhancements they wish to provide to students.

For the 2022-2023 school year, only two (2) Classroom Enrichment Program Grants will be awarded.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Materials are unavailable through the basic school budget;
  • Preference is given to items/materials durable in nature
  • A majority of the class must benefit from the project;
  • The project will assist the class in reaching current Essential Learning Outcomes;
  • A method of evaluation will be used to demonstrate the success of the project; and

Application and Reporting Process

District teachers are required to complete a CEP Grant Application Form , including details noted below. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the TEF Board of Directors at the monthly meeting prior to the start of each semester; each applicant will be notified of outcome. Awards will be considered up to $1,000; requests over $1,000 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as funds are available.

In an effort to understand impact and valued added to learning environment, grant recipients are required to complete a CEP Grant Conclusion Report reflecting success of the project, etc. The Report is due to TEF 30 days after project completion.

Applications and Conclusion reports must can be completed online. If necessary other related material should be mailed to TEF, 120 State Ave NE #303 Olympia, WA 98501 or e-mail to To be eligible for funds, all portions of this application must be complete.

  1. Title of Project
  2. Teacher Name, School, Class/Grade
  3. Project Start and End Times
  4. Resources needed to implement the project (resources can include materials, travel expenses, maps, tickets, software, stipend, etc.)
  5. Brief Description of the project (include why this project requires resources in addition to those currently available, a timeline for all activities, what essential learning outcomes will be achieved, and how success will be evaluated)
  6. Budget (list all project expenditures and dates when expenditures will take place)

All grant recipients must agree to the following:

  1. Provide an evaluation of the grant proposal provided through this fund to the District and TEF within 30 days of project completion.
  2. All equipment purchased through this fund shall become the property of the District.
  3. All checks will be made payable to the teacher’s individual school, in that teachers name for use with the awarded project only.

Key Timelines and Due Dates

  • Completed CEP Grant Application Form is due June 10 (awarded in August) and December 10 (awarded in January).
  • Applications reviewed at TEF monthly Board meeting prior to start of each semester.
  • CEP Grant Conclusion Report, evaluating project/grant success, is due to TEF 30 days after project completion.